Generating Reports With Only Flight Data on LogTen Pro

LogTen Pro 6 introduced the ability to track non-flying duties, such as reserve duties and deaheads. Many pilots ask how to generate a report without these non-flying duties in the report. These simple instructions should clear up any confusion.

On the Mac

Only flying duties should be marked as flights (as signified by the little icon of an airplane):


Create a new Smart Group and change the "Show All logbook entry types" to "Flight.")

Once this Smart Group is selected only entries that are marked as flights will show in the Logbook view.


Select this Smart Group so that only Flights are shown on the Logbook view and then go to the Report page to generate your report.

On the iPhone/iPad:

A window will appear after selecting the "Generate Report" button that will allow you to filter your flights by entry type.

Select the top selection, "Entry Type: All" to take you to a screen where you can select "Flight."

Press "Done" and now the Entry Type will list "Flight" instead of "All."

Your generated report will now only include entries marked as a Flight.