Getting My Logbook and Endorsements Signed in LogTen Pro X for iOS

Many countries require student flights and/or certain endorsements to be signed by the instructor. We always recommend that you periodically print out hard copies of your logbook from LogTen Pro for safe keeping, and you have several options for managing signatures.

In LogTen Pro X:

You can sign logbook entries and certificates with your finger right on your iPhone or iPad and the signatures will print in reports just like you'd expect. So your instructor, examiner, or captain can simply sign your electronic logbook digitally! Watch the video!


NEW: LogTen Pro X now has pre-loaded endorsements and sharing! The 7.3 release of LogTen Pro X includes over 70 pre-loaded endorsements to make inputting new endorsements easy. Just tap 'More' > 'Certificates' > tap the '+' in the top right then tap in the 'Details' field and choose the endorsement you want to use.



You can then sign the flight and share it by tapping the 'Action' button (three blue dots) in the top right of the endorsement screen and sign and share the endorsement via email, airdrop or text message.


For LogTen Pro 5 and before:

  • You can print out the certificates you create in LogTen Pro and have them signed.

  • You can simply use whatever hard copy method you use now, then take a digital photo or scan it and insert that into the certificate entry in LogTen! This keeps a digital copy in your electronic logbook which you can then view on your computer or print as desired.