If I Have LogTen Pro for iOS, Do I Need it on my Mac?

Do you need a GPS in your aircraft? No, but it sure is nice!

Besides providing speed and a larger display, here are some of the advantages the Mac software affords you that you will not find today on LogTen Pro for iOS:

  • Ability to edit multiple items at once: With the Mac, you can modify many flights at once rather than one at a time.

  • Airline Schedule Importing: LogTen Pro for Mac is the only one of our three LogTen Pro products that allows you to import schedules from your airline scheduling software. Our latest update to LogTen Pro brings the number of supported airlines to well over 100!

  • Import your existing data: You can import your data from virtually any other logbook software, or spreadsheet.

  • Another Backup: While it is true that when syncing your mobile device to iTunes, iTunes does a complete image backup, when you use LogTen Pro on both your iPhone (or iPad) and your Mac you get the peace of mind of knowing that you have a full backup of your data on both devices (or all three!). Should either one suffer an unfortunate accident, you can easily restore all your data from the other device!

  • Custom Reports: On the Mac you can create and store custom reports that are not synced to the mobile devices.

  • Smart Group Mac-only Features: On the Mac, you can create folders and complex nested Smart Groups, Limit Groups and Currency Groups to track virtually anything you need to know about your flight time.

  • Aircraft Inspections: Track inspections for your aircraft.