Using iExplorer to Load a LogTen Pro Data File

One way you can load a LogTen Pro data file is with the use of a third party application called iExplorer. This application is free download and the demo version allows you to view and manipulate the file structure of your iOS device.

First download the app for free here:

Next connect your device, via USB, to your computer and open iExplorer. On the left hand column click on the Apps folder to view all of your application folders and browse down to the "LogTen Pro X" folder.


Within the LogTen Pro X folder you'll see in the main window a "Documents" folder. Expand that folder and then you'll see a "LogTenProData" folder. This folder holds the main LogTen Pro data store file.

In order to load your data, simply drag the LogTenCoreDataStore.sql from Finder:


And drop it into the "LogTenProData" folder:


Replace the existing file:


Force close the LogTen Pro app to restart it ( and your data is now loaded.