Calculating Total Time with LogTen Pro X

The newest version of LogTen Pro introduces a few new ways to calculate Total Time, giving pilots more flexibility in how Total Time is calculated. As always, LogTen Pro still offers Total Time calculations based on Out/In, Hobbs (Hobbs Out and Hobbs In), and Tach (Tach Out and Tach In). Based on your feedback, we've also added the ability to track Total Time based on the Off and On entries. The Off/On fields are available under the Flight category of fields.

TIP: Just to review, LogTen Pro defines Out as block out time, Off as time of takeoff, On as time of landing and In as block in time.

LogTen Pro X also includes the ability to track taxi times, via the new Taxi Start and Taxi Stop fields; these fields are also available under the Flight category. With these new fields, pilots can now track Total Time based on a Taxi Start time and an In time. With many companies adding GPS movement options to more accurately track time for flight limits, many pilots should find this new feature useful for better tracking legal flight limits.

In order to use this new option ensure that the Taxi Start time is enabled from the Flight category of fields and then select the Taxi Start/In option on the General page of the Preferences page on the Mac:


On the iOS app go to More->Settings->Time Calculations to find the different options for calculating Total Time: