Collecting Software Performance Data – helping us make LogTen Pro even better

At Coradine, we are committed to bringing pilots the best logbook software available. In an effort to continue delivering on that goal, we have added the ability to collect anonymous usage statistics and crash logs in iOS versions of LogTen Pro 6.0.12 and later. We will collect the number of times the app is being used, for how long, and on what type of iOS device you are using, but absolutely no private information about you or your logbook will be collected!

For example, we will not collect aircraft tail numbers, person names, or place information. An example of what we will collect would be that an Anonymous User launched LogTen Pro for iPhone 6.0.12 using a GSM iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1.

Though we strive to never have them, naturally, crashes do happen on occasion. Collecting detailed crash information will further us to make the application even better. Historically, we've obtained crash logs from Apple, but the reports are delayed and the detail is summarized when presented to us. Our aim is to keep track of these issues as they happen to allow us to respond to them more quickly.

If you are uncomfortable with the application sending us this data, you can turn this logging off. Simply go into the Settings menu and turn the "Collect Statistics" slider to the OFF position at the bottom of the screen, then quit LogTen Pro and relaunch.


Once again, the information being collected is entirely anonymous and does not contain any personal data. We appreciate your helping us make LogTen Pro the most intuitive, flexible, powerful and beautiful logbook you have ever seen!