Configuring Your Logbook in LogTen Pro X for Mac

Getting Started

The main logbook view in LogTen Pro has all of the standard features you expect so you can customize your logbook to meet your exact needs. To help start your new logbook, when LogTen Pro first opens, you’ll be asked what kind of role (Airline First Officer, General Aviation, etc.) best describes your current flying. This will automatically configure LogTen Pro with standard columns appropriate to your selection, but even after this you can and should tailor LogTen Pro to exactly what you need.

Here is a Step-By-Step Guide For Configuring Your iOS Logbook

Tip: Want to quickly reset your logbook layout? Change the Typical Role setting in the General tab of the Preferences menu.

Adding & Removing Columns

LogTen Pro provides a large number of default columns which you can choose to use in your logbook. Go to the LogTen Pro menu and select Preferences and you will find options for all types of logbook information separated by category.

  • Flight contains fields specific to the logbook entry, such as destination and arrival airports, start and end times, and aircraft.
  • Time provides fields to record your flying capacity and flight condition times.
  • Duty includes fields for tracking pay rates and earnings, duty times, and a variety of checkbox fields to conveniently record entry attributes.
  • People offers fields to add crew members and passengers.
  • Landings contains fields for many types of take-offs and landings.
  • Operations includes fields for approaches and other in-flight operations.
  • Notes provides comments and remarks fields, images, and other miscellaneous fields.

To use any of these in your logbook, simply check the box next to the field name. A column for that field will be added to the main spreadsheet, as well as a row on the right sidebar.

Tip: Unchecking a field to remove the column will still save all data you have entered in it. Feel free to hide your SIC or Dual Received columns once you’ve been promoted to captain but don't worry, the data is not lost, just hidden from view!

In addition to the standard fields, there are also a number of custom fields available in each section of the Preferences menu. These can be added to your logbook just like the standard fields, and they can be renamed to best suit your own use of that column. Keep in mind that LogTen Pro only knows how its default fields should be used, so LogTen Pro will not interact with custom fields. E.g. re-naming one of the custom time fields “Night" is not going to automatically calculate night time like the standard “Night” field will.

Tip: LogTen Pro has built-in fields for most frequently used flight details. Be sure to look through the included fields to make full use of what we offer, before creating a custom field.


You can easily organize your logbook anyway you wish. Match your paper logbook for convenience and familiarity, or layout the columns like your airline roster to simplify your data entry. To re-arrange the order of your logbook columns, click-and-hold on the title of the column you wish to move, and drag it to the position you would like. The right-hand entry sidebar will automatically move to match the main spreadsheet layout too.


In a similar fashion to re-arranging, all columns can be re-sized. Place your cursor over the dividing line in between columns in the header of the spreadsheet and you will see it change from the standard arrow to a vertical line with a small arrow pointing in either direction. Click and drag to make the column larger or smaller.


Usually you’ll want to keep your logbook sorted by Date (the default), but sorting by other values can be very useful to view or locate a subset of flights; as such, your logbook can be sorted using any column. Simply click the header of a column where the field title is displayed to sort by that column. The column header will be highlighted and a small triangle appears alongside the title indicating the sort direction. Click on the header again to reverse the sort direction.