Free Logbook Conversion from Logbook Pro, FlightLevel, SkyLog Pro and Pilot's Pal

Because Logbook Pro, FlightLevel, Skylog Pro and Pilot's Pal do not support exporting your data as a spreadsheet, we've developed internal tools to convert their raw databases for use in LogTen Pro X. If you've been using any of these logbooks and would like to make the switch to LogTen Pro X, you're in luck! Simply email your Logbook Pro, FlightLevel 2003 (or later), or Skylog Pro v5 database files to us at and we'll convert them to LogTen Pro X for you!

What to Send Us:

Logbook Pro

Logbook Pro will allow you to export your data as a .BAK or .LBK file, and we've had excellent results with the .BAK exports. Send that to us and we'll be happy to convert and import your complete data!

FlightLevel 2000 or later

To find your FlightLevel files, look in C:\Program Files\FlightLevelXXXX\Flights where the "XXXX" is the version of Flight Level, probably 2003. Zip up and send us the whole "Flights" folder (it should contain your ".dbf" files).

SkyLog Pro version 5.x

For SkyLog Pro send us your BACKUP folder, which should have a file inside labeled LOGBOOK.DBF.
If you have SkyLog version 6.x, it contains its own Export option. Please send us the .xls export instead of the backup if you would like any assistance with the import.

Pilot's Pal

We only offer support for versions of Pilot's Pal that have a Data.sqlite file. Please send us your Data.sqlite file and we will convert it into a csv file and import it into LogTen Pro.

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