Getting Started with LogTen Pro X for iOS

Welcome to LogTen Pro X for iOS !

In this article we're going to cover:

  • LogTen Pro’s one tap configuration
  • How to generally log your flight time,
  • Logging night time and approaches,
  • Differentiating commercial operations,
  • Digitally signing your log book,
  • Using LogTen Pro’s Analyze and Plan tabs to fully analyse your data
  • Printing reports
  • NEW! Sharing Everything...

Alternatively, check out our 'Basics for LogTen Pro X on iOS' video here


When you first open LogTen Pro, you’ll be asked to set your Typical Role, which will automatically configure your logbook to include the information most relevant to you. If at any time you want to change your Typical Role, you can do so by tapping More, then Settings, then My Logbook.

Now you’re ready to log your first flight.


New in LogTen Pro X is the Fly Now tab, which allows you to quickly track new flights with just a few taps...

When you press Fly Now, LogTen Pro will automatically input your 'From' field with the airport nearest to your current location using GPS. Once you reach your destination, press the green compass icon in the 'To' field and again, LogTen Pro finds and inputs your arrival airport.

Your 'Out', 'Off', 'On', and 'In' fields can also be automatically populated with the current time by pressing the green clock icon in each field, or you can manually enter the appropriate time by tapping in the field and using the keypad.

The 'Fly Now' tab will automatically populate your Auto-fill times, aircraft, and crew details with any defaults you may have set (more on that later), or you can tap the Details button to view the entry in your Logbook, where you can fill in or edit any details such as Aircraft, Crew, Duty, Takeoffs, Landings, and Approaches, among others.


You can also add new flights at any time on the Logbook tab...

To add a new flight select the ‘+’ symbol in the upper left of the screen. You’ll notice that the date automatically defaults to today and will correspond to whatever time zone setting you have selected in the settings.

For those of you that selected Commercial Pilot, Airline Pilot or Airline First Officer roles on start-up, entry type is automatically turned on. This allows you to not only log flights, but other types of work duty such as deadhead, simulator duty, reserve and so on.

Next you’ll see ‘Aircraft ID’.

When you tap in this field, once you have some flights logged and set up your favourite aircraft, you will see them listed in blue, or you can search for an aircraft using the search field. If it’s a new aircraft, simply type the new aircraft ID. If you select an aircraft you’ve flown before the aircraft type will automatically fill in.
If it’s a new aircraft, tap here in the aircraft type field to select from our database of aircraft types.

Next you will select a departure and destination airport. Tap on the green arrow and your nearest airport will automatically be entered, or pick from the list of previous destinations that will display when you tap in the field, or you can search the on-board database of over 26,000 airports by icao or iata identifiers.

Finally enter your out and in time, either by tapping the Clock icon on engine start/stop or by manually entering the times.

Total time is automatically calculated, as is night time – which uses a complex algorithm based on your dep/arr airports, great circle route and actual sunrise/sunset ... to ensure your actual night time is calculated with pin-point accuracy.

Don’t see the fields you need? You can easily customize LogTen Pro to make it the perfect logbook for you by tapping ‘Edit’ on the top right of the screen and then tapping 'Configure section' in the section you want to change...


Moving down you will see that you can track your duty time: this is the data LogTen Pro uses to populate duty and rest time in the scrollable 'Dynamic Time Loupe' feature that can be found in the Radar Tab in the 'Plan' section.



You can add crew members by tapping on the appropriate position and selecting from your people records. Again, the crew you fly most often with can be chosen as favourites and will automatically appear in blue at the top of the list for quick entry.

Configuring what criteria will be shown for each flight

Open any flight in your iOS logbook, and tap the 3 blue dots (Action button) at the top right of your screen, then select Configure. Next, go through the different sections and tap Configure Section for each section and then turn on any of the criteria fields that you need displayed.

Also, while in this "Edit Mode" you can rearrange the fields within their section by pressing and dragging the "triple equal" symbol on the right of the row.

When you're done configuring a specific section, hit Back which will take you back to the original detail view for the flight and then repeat the process for the next section you would like to configure.

You only have to do this on one flight and then all of this criteria will also display for all of your other flights when they're opened in detail view.


With LogTen Pro X you can track landings, count holds and turn on as many as ten different approach types per flight. Each approach field allows you to log the count of approaches, the type of approach, the runway and the place that the approach occurred.


You can also have an instructor digitally sign your logbook! Just tap here on ‘Sign Flight’. You can choose from a list of instructors you’ve set up, or to add a new instructor tap on the ‘+’ symbol. Once the signature is added the entry is locked for security.

Congratulations! Your first flight is in, you will now see this flight on the top left of the screen where the list of all of your previous flights is displayed.


On the radar screen you’ll see the Analyze and Plan tabs at the top of the screen.

Analyze gives you a quick snapshot of all your logged time and by tapping on any of the groups you can get some key information about your flight time - for example Total Instrument, night, actual instrument, PIC, SIC, Duty and landings. You can even create your own smart groups by tapping the ‘+’ button ... want to know how much solo time you have in a SR20? No problem! You can create a Smart Group in seconds. Click here to see a short video tutorial outlining Smart Groups.

The Plan tab displays graphs for your Currency and Rest, Duty Limits, and expiring certificates.

Notice at the top of the Plan view the scrollable ‘Dynamic Time Loupe’ feature. Time Loupe puts your past, present and future at the tip of your finger; simply drag backwards or forwards to see an exact snapshot of your flight duty, rest and currencies. Click here to watch a short video tutorial outlining Dynamic Time Loupe.


Now, let’s take a look at the ‘Reports’ tab – LogTen Pro comes with over 100 built-in high quality reports, including the ability to print incredible logbooks that match the official formats for the USA, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, China, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand, to name but a few.

In the 'OVERVIEW' section, LogTen Pro X offers a variety of additional report options including: Experience reports, Summaries, Duty/Limit reports, and Graphs; In the 'LOGBOOKS' section, you'll find the official logbook formats for more than a dozen countries, as well as general non-country specific logbooks; and in the 'MORE' section, you'll find 'Certificates' and specially-formatted Export files.

Once you’ve generated your report, you can email yourself a PDF copy directly from the app. From there you can send a copy to friends, or print from any computer! Click here to watch a short tutorial outlining Reports.

Finally, with LogTen Pro X you can Share Everything

With LogTen Pro's share feature, you can share flights, endorsements, certificates, smart groups, people, places, aircraft types and more. Check out the video tutorial

To share a flight, tap on the 'Logbook' tab at the bottom, then on the flight you want to share. Then tap the blue 'Actions' button on the top right and choose 'Share'. LogTen Pro will even switch over PIC to SIC and dual given to dual received (if appropriate!).

To share aircraft, types, endorsements, people, places and trips, tap the entry you want to share, then tap the blue 'Actions' button on the top right and choose 'Share'.

For smart groups, you need to tap on the 'i' for the smart group you want to share and then tap the blue 'Actions' button on the top right and choose 'Share'.

Now you’ve had a glimpse of just how much you can do with LogTen Pro, it’s time to start logging.

LogTen Pro X – My flying. My passion. My logbook.