Getting Started with LogTen Pro X for Mac

Check out the LogTen Pro X for Mac Basics Video here


At the top of the main window is a row of tabs that conveniently allows you to access all the different aspects of your logbook.



Takes you to the flight view window, where you can add, remove, sort, and edit your flights. You can drag and drop columns to change their order in the table and use the tab key to quickly enter info into a flight, or enter more detailed info in the detail panel at the bottom. You can even change the names of the fields using Manage -> Configure LogTen Pro menu item (be careful though, because no matter what you change the name to, the function of the field stays the same). For more details see the Customizing LogTen category.

The smart groups and limits panel to the left is another powerful feature that allows you to sort on any data available in your flights, aircraft, types, limits, dates and times. For more about smart groups see Harnessing the Power of Smart Groups.

When working in the Logbook window, you have options to quickly add, delete, and duplicate entries. These options can be found in the File menu.

New Flight

Creates a new flight above or below the current selection depending on the sort order.


This may seem rather obvious. Its function is to delete the selected flight(s), however, two things of note: hitting the "Delete" key does the same thing. Before the flights are actually deleted a warning comes up asking if you're sure you want to delete the flight(s). As you may have found in many applications, the "Option" key is used to modify a behaviour in some way. In this case, if you're really sure you want to delete the flights, simply hold down 'option' when you hit delete and you won't get the warning. Poof.


This function will create a new flight, and copy the following items from whatever flight was selected when you hit the button (if more than one flight was selected the first one will be used):

  • From and To Airports
  • Aircraft and Aircraft Type
  • Total Time
  • Cross Country
  • Remarks

Next Leg

Similar to the Duplicate function, this will create a new flight and assume the following items from the currently selected flight:

  • Flight Date
  • Aircraft and Aircraft Type
  • Takes the arrival (to) airport of the selected flight as it's departure (from) airport

Return Trip

Exactly the same as Duplicate, except that it reverses the From and To airports.



Opens the Reports window where you can generate, view and print various reports. For more details see the Reports category.



This opens the Aircraft Types window. Many of the standard types of planes are in our database and get automatically recorded for you when you enter their identifier into the Flight view. Here you can view which aircraft and flights have been recorded for each type, and edit details about it. For more details and to learn all the things you can do here, you can view the Managing Types category.



This will show the flights grouped by your individual aircraft. Click on one to see which flights you have entered for that aircraft. Check out Managing Your Aircraft for more information.



Places shows you all the airports you have input in the Flights view. Most of them will have all the location and time zone information automatically entered for you from our database of over 27,000 airports, however you can add your own if you need to. See more at Managing Airports.



View and edit the information about the people you fly with. Click on a name to see all the flights they are on and what role they had, add a picture or edit contact details.



Keep track of your certificates by type and expiration. You can attach pictures to each one for your reference.



Here you can quickly type in a quick search. Looking for all flights with Bob? Just type Bob in the search box and any flights where Bob was a crew member will be displayed. Or do you want to find flights with a certain remark, or aircraft, etc? If it's something you want to do regularly think about creating a smart group. This will make your quick search even faster.