About LogTen Pro X for Mac v7.0.0 Release

LogTen Pro X v7.0.0 for Mac is a new release available to all pilots worldwide and includes over 200 new features, fixes, and performance improvements. This is our largest update of LogTen Pro, ever!

What's New?

  • All new, clean, simple user interface designed to optimize data entry, focus on your content and make every interaction faster and easier
  • Notifications of Future Flights, Future Duty Periods and Expiring Certificates
  • Support for tracking Rest
  • Support for tracking Flight Duty Periods in addition to Duty
  • New default Rest and Duty limit groups
  • Support for tracking exact taxi times
  • New methods to automatically calculate Total Time from Off/On or Taxi Start/Stop
  • Support for tracking IFR time distinct from Actual Instrument Time
  • Support for Count of Legs for pilots who want an accurate flight count when logging on a daily basis, or balance forwards, etc.
  • Support for timezone preferences in group calculations
  • Added field descriptions for all fields in LogTen Pro X
  • Added ability to see all Certificates assigned to a pilot in the People view
  • Improved fuel tracking
  • Improved iCloud Sync behaviour with iCloud Drive support
  • Over 190+ other improvements and performance enhancements!

How to update from an earlier version of LogTen Pro for Mac

Note: Before updating, we strongly recommend you backup your data!

To update, simply launch the Mac App Store app and download the new LogTen Pro X for Mac.