About the LogTen Pro for iOS 6.0.8 Update

Version 6.0.8 is a free update to all version 6 users of the following LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook applications:

  • LogTen Pro for iPhone
  • LogTen Pro for iPad
  • LogTen Pro Universal

How to update from an earlier version of LogTen Pro for iOS version 6

Note: Before updating, we strongly recommend backing up your data using the steps in the section below.

To update, simply launch the App Store app from your iOS device and select Updates. Find the LogTen Pro app from the list and select Update.

Backup your data

There are a few ways to back up your iOS device's logbook: iCloud, iTunes, & Email

iCloud - iOS 5 includes an automatic iCloud backup system. The iCloud Backup page on Apple's website includes details on setting it up. The downside of this backup approach is that it is not possible to restore data for individual apps, which can make the restore process inconvenient.

iTunes - Unless iCloud backup is on, iTunes will make a backup of your iOS device almost every time you sync with it. If you do use the iCloud backup, you can also make a backup of your device in iTunes manually. To make a manual iTunes backup, plug in your device, and open iTunes. Then, right-click your device in the left sidebar, and select Back Up. If anything ever happens to your device, there is a free tool that can be used to extract application data from iTunes backup files.

Email - You can email a copy of your logbook to yourself quite easily. Within LogTen Pro on your iOS device, go to the More tab, and select Help. Switch on "Attach logbook (recommended)", switch on Include Images if you have any and then tap Email Support. This will create a new email with a copy of your logbook file attached. The default recipient is our support center, but you can change this to your personal email, and keep a copy of your logbook file in your email as a backup. If anything happens to your device, we can send this file back to you to download directly into your LogTen Pro app!

What's included?

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Addressed an issue where Trips would show Start and End dates but omit time values
  • Addressed an issue where abbreviated US ICAO airport identifiers may improperly appear in IATA searches
  • Improved the expiration date layout of Expiring Certificates in Radar view
  • Updated "Adjust Total by" option to also allow set "Minutes per flight"
  • Addressed an issue where special Night Time fields may not update automatically

Reports and Exporters

  • Added "Last 12 months" to available Report time periods
  • Updated Canadian TC 24 report to properly show long names in Crew fields
  • Improved formatting with "Other" Crew Members on New Zealand and Australian Reports
  • Addressed an issue with iCal exporter not handling some flights crossing the International Date Line

Syncing and Re-pairing

Beginning with 6.0.7, LogTen Pro updated it's unique identifiers used by the Sync mechanism to meet Apple's plan for deprecating UDID usage. If you haven't updated LogTen Pro on your iOS device since 6.0.6 or earlier, you will be prompted to re-pair your devices when syncing for the first time after updating to this release.

Note: If you encounter slow syncing, it is recommended that you update all LogTen Pro iOS devices to the latest version, un-pair all of your devices, and re-pair only the devices you continue to use.