About the LogTen Pro for iOS 6.5 Update

Version 6.5 is a free update to all version 6 users of the LogTen Pro 6 Pilot Logbook applications below, and includes over 200 new features, fixes, and performance improvements. This is our largest update of LogTen Pro 6, ever!

  • LogTen Pro for iPhone
  • LogTen Pro for iPad
  • LogTen Pro Universal

Major improvements include:

  • iCloud Sync for iOS 6 and Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion (or later)
  • Improved Logbook screen performance for faster loading and quicker scrolling!

What's New?

  • Fixed an issue where duplicating many flights could result in the app exiting unexpectedly
  • Updated the Certificates icons on the Radar page for clarity
  • Addressed an issue where the Total Block Summary may show "Total Time" instead of "Total Block Time"
  • Addressed an issue where the Report filters by Entry Type may not be observed
  • Addressed issues with some summary Reports when date ranges or local time settings are used
  • Addressed an issue where the Date Picker may revert to a previous day/month/year
  • Fixed a time entry issue affecting some users in certain iOS regions
  • Addressed an issue where Swapping the Flight Crew may not swap the corresponding flight time on iOS devices
  • Addressed an issue where the first and last flight on a trip may not appear on the iPhone version
  • Addressed an issue where the app may quit unexpectedly when adding new people from the search popover on the iPad version
  • Addressed an issue in Landscape mode preventing some popovers from displaying search filter buttons on the iPad version
  • Added a Day Time calculation that's visible when Night time is different from Total Time
  • Improved decimal separator entry and display to reflect system settings
  • Improved sorting priority of Places for US and International customers
  • Addressed an issue where "Adjust Total Time" may compound after device sync
  • Addressed an issue where Total Instrument Time may not calculate correctly on some reports or Smart Groups
  • Addressed an issue where duplicating a flight with a route may cause an error
  • Updated the Duplicate feature to populate the Entry Type value
  • Addressed an issue where WiFi sync may only sync some People records
  • Addressed an issue where some users' auto-enter times may fill incorrectly
  • More than 50 places added or updated in our internal airports database
  • Added "LP" to the list of Non-Precision approach types
  • Updated metadata on several Aircraft Types in our internal database, including adding the following new aircraft:
    • C162 - Cessna 162 Skycatcher
    • DIMO - Super Diomona
    • CT4 - PAC CT/4 Airtrainer
    • TUCA - Embraer EMB 312 Tucano
    • E314 - Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano
    • GLF6 - Gulfstream G650
    • C25C & C56X - Citation variants
    • GA8 & GA20 - Gippsland Airvans
    • Van's fleet
    • Sukhoi's fleet
    • Tecnam's fleet
    • Aero Vodochody's fleet
  • ... and many more bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements!

Smart Groups

  • Improved Group sorting to match the order of Nested Groups on the Mac
  • Addressed an issue where Smart Group criteria was required to be case-sensitive
  • Removed a duplicate Entry Type key from list of Smart Group criteria
  • Addressed issues with the Visual Duty Limit Graph not orienting start times correctly nor resetting after rest
  • Updated Limit Group totals to display negative values and will always display "0" when blank
  • Updated Limit Graphs to correctly display static date ranges
  • Addressed an issue where some Smart Group totals were not correctly rounding
  • Fixed an issue with yearly groups displaying Total Time instead of yearly totals for some configurations
  • Addressed an issue where some Smart Groups may not include the last flight of the month
  • Updated Smart Group criteria to only show relevant Operators for improved clarity

Updated Reports and Exporters

  • Reports shared via my.logten.com are now enhanced for Retina displays
  • Updated our servers to improve the user experience when generating reports or sharing logbooks with larger databases
  • Added additional summaries to the Summary by Aircraft Types report
  • Updated Indian DGCA Simulator report to only include only Flight Time Simulator entries
  • Cleaned-up Remarks and Total Flying Hours in all Australian Reports
  • Updated all Canadian reports to display Student name in co-pilot fields
  • Updated Time by Engine Type report to separate Turbine from Jet and Turbo-prop times
  • Updated Reports to now display negative values
  • Updated cover page on iOS reports to display full date range of start/end dates
  • Fixed some typos and line count issues with the Brazilian Report
  • Updated the French Reports with improved column spacing as well as "Nature du Vol" & "Observations" remarks
  • Addressed an issue where the Summary of Expenses report may not filter or sort by Date
  • Updated the FAA 8710 report to calculate XC totals with partial PIC time
  • Updated the logic on the Summary for AirlineApps.com report
  • Updated the Flight School Report to display Instructor and Student crew names
  • Added Simulator, Simulated Instrument, and Total Instrument to ATPL Qualification Report
  • Updated JAA Reports to display flight times and totals in 'Single Pilot Time' sections
  • Updated several Summary reports to display correct totals within custom date ranges
  • Addressed a cover page issue on several reports not displaying the Logbook Owner properly
  • Adjusted PIC and Dual calculations in the UK Professional A4 Report
  • Updated UK/Hong Kong CAA Compliant report to correctly calculated page totals with mixed PIC and P1u/s times

How to update from an earlier version of LogTen Pro 6 for iOS

Note: Before updating, we strongly recommend you backup your data!

To update, simply launch the App Store app from your iOS device and select Updates. Find the LogTen Pro app from the list and select Update.