About the LogTen Pro for Mac 6.0.12 Update

Version 6.0.12 is a free update to all version 6 users of the LogTen Pro Pilot Logbook.

How to update from an earlier version of LogTen Pro for Mac version 6

Note: Before updating, we strongly recommend backing up your data using the steps in the section below.

To update, simply launch the App Store app from your Mac and select Updates. Find the LogTen Pro app from the list and select Update.

Backup your data

To backup your current LogTen Pro Mac file:

  1. Open up a Finder window
  2. Press command+shift+g to open a "go to" dialog
  3. Copy the following into the "go to" dialog":
  4. Copy the LogTenProData folder, and paste it wherever you would like to keep your backup (I keep a specific LogTen Pro Backup folder on an external hard drive).
  5. Rename the backup folder "LogTenProData 4-2-13" (with the current date) for easy identification

What's included?

  • Full support for popover lookup windows on Retina displays
  • Minor bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements
  • Addressed an issue causing the app to unexpectedly quit during data entry
  • Addressed an issue preventing alerts from appearing when unlocking signed flights
  • Fixed a UI overlap issue which could occur when resizing windows and frames
  • Addressed an issue where group calculations may use UTC time instead of the selected "Calendar Days" option
  • Corrected a Night Time calculation issue for a small number of users when used with Duty Time
  • More than 20 places updated or added to our internal airports database
  • Added several more Aircraft Type Designators to our internal database, including:
    • additional Falcon types
    • the Evektor Sportstar family
    • the Boeing 787 family
    • the Cessna Corvalis family

Updated Reports and Exporters

  • Corrected the Hong Kong report from displaying both SIC/P2 and P2X times
  • Addressed an issue where some Report date ranges may use UTC time instead of the selected "Local Time" option
  • Added Flight # information into the Remarks field on all Canadian reports
  • Addressed an issue with the ASA Master report incorrectly displaying all SEL and MEL time in the ASEL and AMEL columns
  • Addressed an issue where iCal Exports may use UTC dates instead of the selected "Local Time"
  • Updated Brazilian Logbook Report to correctly display SE and ME times
  • Added Simulator Instructing (SFI/SFE) Time to all JAA and JAR reports
  • Added Australian ASA FDTL Report
  • Added UK Royal Navy Logbook Report
  • Updated PIC column formatting on the JAA JAR-FCL Compliant 26 A4 report
  • Added Sporty's Logbook format
  • Added Switzerland FOCA A5 logbook format
  • Updated Summary for AirlineApps.com Report columns to include Solo time, as well as the total number of approaches for the last 6 & 12 months
  • Added EASA FTDL Report

Syncing and Re-pairing

With the earlier 6.0.7 release, LogTen Pro updated it's unique identifiers used by the Sync mechanism to meet Apple's plan for deprecating UDID usage.

Note: If you encounter slow syncing, it is recommended that you update all LogTen Pro iOS devices to the latest version (6.0.12), un-pair all of your devices, and re-pair only the devices you continue to use.