About the LogTen Pro X for iOS v7.0.1 Release

LogTen Pro X v7.0.1 for iOS is a new release available to all pilots worldwide and includes several important bug fixes!

What's New?

  • Improved support for working with photos attached to flights, aircraft, etc.
  • Corrected an issues that could result in Flight Duty Periods and Duty periods adding 24 hours when the FDP Start was the same as the On Duty time or the FDP End was the same as the in time
  • The Plan tab will now be more accurate during long rest periods when no flights are visible in the Time Loupe
  • The Analyze tab now hides summary values at the top when you have no time of that type to reduce clutter
  • Improved formatting of long Smart Group names
  • Squashed several issues that could result in a crash in some situations
  • Enhanced performance and reliability

Thanks for your business, if you're enjoying LogTen Pro X and have time to leave a review in the App Store it really helps!