LogTen Pro X for iOS 7.0.4 Release Notes

LogTen Pro X v7.0.4 for iOS is a new release available to all pilots worldwide!

What's New?

  • New Coradine Account system - laying the groundwork for lots of great stuff to come, and enabling more purchasing options today!
  • New UK Commercial Logbook report format

  • Improved FAA IACRA report

  • Improved airlineapps.com report

  • Fixed an issue that could cause notifications to show a day early

  • Improved sorting of currencies and limits on the Plan tab - first by priority, then by percentage within the priority

  • Improved iCloud Sync

  • Corrected an issue that could cause "Unable to Load Data" when "Flights Show Index" is on

  • Corrected an issue that could cause flights created using Next Leg and Return Trip to have an incorrect date

  • Improved Duty, Flight Limit and Days off Report

  • Turning off Zulu Time setting now defaults to local

  • Fixed an issue that could cause custom fields to not save their title

  • Entry type selection in smart groups now shows the check mark next to the correct item

  • Notifications for deleted flights are now removed correctly

  • Edits to Currency, Limits and Certificates should now refresh more quickly

  • Improved South African CAA 25 A4 page breaks on iOS

  • Improved New Zealand report offsets for A pages

  • Popovers for selecting aircraft, places and people in a flight are nice and zippy again!

  • Improvements to smart group creation and editing

  • Improved the Fly Now tab's selection of most recent previous flight

  • Improved handling of dates when using local time

  • Improved handling of multi-pilot time

  • Removing total time from a flight no longer removes multi-pilot or simulator time

  • Improved Jeppesen Pro Helicopter 27 Report

  • Fixed an issue with the Per Diem Report hanging when creating a PDF

  • Numerous improvements to reliability and performance

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