Dropbox Backup and Alternate Logbook Locations

NEW!! Backup and Restore inside LogTen Pro X! Watch the 2 minute video!

You can even share backups - tap 'More', then 'Settings', then 'Backup'. Then swipe to the right on the backup you want to share and tap 'Export'. Watch the 2 minute video!

On your Mac, you have the option to move your logbook database to a different location. This can be helpful to take advantage of any number of apps providing free file syncing and online storage, such as Dropbox. These are very convenient methods of backup since all changes to your logbook will be automatically saved to the cloud.

NOTAM: Never have LogTen Pro open on multiple Macs at the same time if sharing a single file using one of these syncing services. They are unable to accurately merge changes from both sources together, and the file will become corrupted.

If you are running LogTen Pro 6.5 or later (not LogTen Pro X), iCloud Sync is available until you upgrade to iOS 8 or newer! If you choose to use iCloud Sync, you can still keep your database in an alternate location for backup purposes. It is very important that multiple Macs do not share a single logbook file though. Unless each Mac has it’s own logbook file, changes may not be processed correctly through iCloud.

For further information about iCloud Sync, please see our article on Frequently Asked Questions about iCloud Sync.

Dropbox Backup

Dropbox is a free app that will show up as a regular folder on your computer, but everything you place in this folder will automatically sync to 2GB of free online storage, as well as any other computers that you have Dropbox installed on. This is also a great method of automatic backup since it uploads the current copy of your logbook to the cloud whenever the file changes.

If you are using LogTen Pro 6 or later, setting up your logbook to automatically backup to Dropbox is a two part process:

  1. Move your logbook data to your Dropbox folder by following these directions on Moving Your Logbook to an Alternate Location for LogTen Pro 6
  2. Follow the steps to Open your Logbook from an Alternate Location for LogTen Pro 6

If you are using LogTen Pro 5, follow these directions on Moving your Logbook File for LogTen Pro 5

Moving Your Logbook to an Alternate Location for LogTen Pro 6 and later

  1. Close LogTen Pro by choosing File >> Quit or pressing command + q
  2. Open a Finder window
  3. Select the Go menu at the top of your screen, and choose Go to Folder..
  4. Copy the following file path into the Go To dialog:

    If you're using LogTen Pro 6: ~/Library/Containers/com.coradine.LogTenPro6/Data/Documents/
    And if you're using LogTen Pro X: ~/Library/Containers/com.coradine.LogTenProX/Data/Documents/

  5. The LogTenProData folder contains all information important to your logbook, including all images.

  6. Move the LogTenProData folder to the location you would like to keep it.

    • Note: Please make sure you do not move anything other than LogTenProData.
  7. After moving LogTenProData, you can rename it if you wish.

  8. Next, see our instructions on how to open the moved logbook for the first time

Opening a Logbook in an Alternate Location for LogTen Pro 6 or Mac and later


  1. Hold down the option key while you open LogTen Pro, and a file open dialog will appear (as seen above).
  2. Select the LogTenProData folder (or a renamed folder containing the logbook data) you wish to open.
  3. Select the Options button at the bottom left of the screen.
  4. Select the Remember this location button if you want LogTen Pro to automatically open the logbook at the new location on future launches.

    • With the addition of iCloud Sync in LogTen Pro 6.5, Remember this location has additional behavior in order for iCloud Sync to function correctly.

      • Remember this location is required for iCloud Sync to be available.
      • If left unchecked, iCloud Sync will be completely disabled until LogTen Pro is re-opened. If iCloud Sync is currently setup with a different logbook, it will continue syncing properly the next time it is opened.
      • If iCloud Sync is currently active, and a different file is opened with Remember this location checked, iCloud Sync will be restarted with the new file.

      If your logbook is already being opened from an alternate location, a Reset to Default button will be available, allowing you to switch back to the default database location.

  5. Hit the "return" key, and your logbook will open from its new home!

"Remembering this location" functionality requires OS X 10.7.3+ and LogTen Pro 6.0.6+

Moving your Logbook File for LogTen Pro 5

  1. Locate your logbook file in Finder.

    • Your logbook file is stored with a .logten file extension, usually in your Documents folder.
    • By default it will be titled something similar to [Your Name]'s Logbook.logten.
    • You can also locate your file by control+clicking on the title of your logbook when it is open to display the file hierarchy.
  2. Move your logbook file wherever you would like to store it.

    • Ensure the file is moved and not copied to prevent confusion.
  3. Double-click on your logbook file to open it in LogTen Pro.

    • Usually LogTen Pro will "remember" the location for future launches. If LogTen Pro does not open your file by default, check your System Preferences >> General >> Number of Recent Items: setting to ensure that recently opened Documents are allowed to be "remembered".