Frequently Asked Questions about iCloud Sync

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is iCloud Sync compatible with iCloud Drive?

LogTen Pro X has overhauled its iCloud Sync so that it is fully compatible with iCloud Drive. If you have questions about LogTen Pro 6, please see this article.

With iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, Apple rebuilt their iCloud service, and has renamed it "iCloud Drive." This new iCloud is not backwards compatible with the old iCloud -- data can be upgraded to iCloud Drive, but once it's there, no changes will sync back to old iCloud. Additionally, if a device has been upgraded to iCloud Drive, it cannot be downgraded to be compatible with earlier devices running iOS 7, OS X 10.9, or earlier.

2. What LogTen Pro data syncs in iCloud?

  • All logbook data, images, and signatures will sync through iCloud.
  • Application preferences specific to each device will not sync. For example, HH:mm vs HH.d time format, and Local/UTC timezone preferences.
  • Custom Report Templates created on the Mac do not sync automatically to other devices.

Please see Troubleshooting iCloud Sync if you're having difficulties.

3. Does iCloud Sync backup my logbook?

iCloud Sync should not be relied upon as a backup method. Although a copy of your data will exist in iCloud, it is inaccessible if something were to happen to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The iCloud data will always reflect the current state of your logbook, so it is not possible to restore to an earlier copy.

Please refer to this article for a variety of backup recommendations: What should I backup?

4. How fast does iCloud Sync transfer data?

Many factors determine iCloud Sync performance, such as internet connection quality, server status, and even battery level. iCloud is a passive service which is always running in the background. iCloud watches for any changes on the device or on the server and then transfers data to and from the iCloud servers as efficiently as possible.

A huge benefit of this is that you do not need to worry about an internet connection when you're using LogTen Pro. Any changes made while offline will automatically sync when your device can reach a network again.

On a fast internet connection, syncing might take only a few seconds, but a few minutes is very normal.

If syncing does not occur after a long time, please refer this article on Troubleshooting iCloud Sync.

5. Is there a "Sync Now" button, or can I force iCloud to sync changes?

While iCloud provides many benefits, it does not provide direct control over data transfers. The application can request uploads and downloads, but iCloud is optimized to transfer resources as efficiently as possible. Often this means changes will be collected until they are sent at once to the iCloud servers every few minutes. Incoming changes behave similarly, so LogTen Pro is notified of changes only after the system processes on the device check the iCloud servers and deliver new data. Other factors such as cellular reception or battery status can also affect the rate and frequency at which iCloud transfers data.

6. What if my logbook is not syncing?

Please refer this article on Troubleshooting iCloud Sync.

7. What if I don't see my images?

Images and signatures sync through iCloud in the background on a regular basis. Depending on their file size, they can take longer to appear on other devices.

If LogTen Pro is asked to display an unavailable image, it will ask iCloud to download the image, and display a placeholder cloud icon image. When the image downloads successfully, the image will automatically refresh.

8. How can I know that syncing is occurring?

Whenever your device imports changes from iCloud Sync, it will update the Last Updated section. This date refers to when incoming changes were processed, but know that changes are always being sent to iCloud just after they are made. LogTen Pro does not have visibility into when those changes reach the iCloud servers though.

You can find the 'Last Updated' in LogTen Pro's Sync settings:

  • On the Mac: at the top menu bar, select LogTen Pro >> Preferences. Choose the Sync tab of the next dialog.
  • On an iOS device: on the bottom tab bar, select More >> Settings >> Sync.

9. Can I use iCloud Sync if I keep my logbook in Dropbox on my Mac?

On a Mac, you have the option to save your logbook database in an alternate location. The data location needs to remain consistent for iCloud Sync to function, so it is necessary to choose 'Remember this Location' when opening your logbook from an alternate location.

If you wish to use iCloud Sync with Dropbox, it is very important that the logbook file in Dropbox is not shared by multiple Macs. Multiple Macs can use logbooks in Dropbox, as long as they each use their own logbook file.

Please refer to this article regarding Dropbox backup and alternate logbook locations for more information and additional details for setting up this behavior.

10. Can I use iCloud Sync in Airplane mode, or without an internet connection?

Yes! You do not need to worry about your internet connection when you're using LogTen Pro. All changes are passed to a special iCloud process on the device whether you are online or offline, and your device will transfer changes to and from the iCloud servers whenever it can access a network.

11. Will changes I make offline sync through iCloud?

Yes! You do not need to worry about your internet connection when you're using LogTen Pro. All changes are passed to a special iCloud process on the device whether you are online or offline, and your device will transfer changes to and from the iCloud servers whenever it can access a network.

12. I'm selling my device to a friend, do I need to erase my LogTen Pro data?

It is important that you do not disable iCloud Sync within LogTen Pro until you know your logbook is on another device. Removing a device from iCloud Sync also removes the logbook data from iCloud. If any changes have not yet been processed from that device, they will not be accessible later.

If you decide to remove a device from your iCloud environment, you can simply follow Apple's article about What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.