Syncing without iCloud

How to Sync LogTen Pro via WiFi

Note: For those who wish to use iCloud to sync, you can read the FAQ on iCloud sync here

Note: To sync, ALL devices must be running the same major version of LogTen Pro

Note: Wifi syncing LogTen Pro 6 on a device using iOS 8 or newer to an iPad is NOT recommended and could lead to data loss.

For the visual learners, we have short video tutorial on YouTube that explains how to initially set up and complete a sync. Check it out here!

Otherwise, follow these simple steps:

  • We highly recommend making a backup of your logbooks on each device before initiating a sync for the first time.
  • Make sure that both devices you are syncing are connected to the same wireless network (see note about wireless networks below).
  • Open LogTenPro on both devices, and keep them active during this process.
  • Make sure to choose Wi-Fi in the 'Sync Using' section of LogTen Pro on your iPhone or iPad (Tap 'More', 'Settings', scroll to 'Sync', tap on 'Sync Using' and choose 'Wi-Fi')
  • Make sure to choose Wi-Fi in the 'Sync' section of LogTen Pro on your Mac (Click 'LogTen Pro', 'Preferences', 'Sync' and choose 'Wi-Fi')

    Mac to iPad or iPhone:
  • Select the "Logbook" section on the Mac, select the name of your iPhone under "Devices" on the left sidebar.
  • Click "Pair", and type in the 4 number code that appears on your phone (this will only happen once).
  • Click "Sync Now".

    iPad to iPhone:
  • On your iPad, tap More > Settings > Sync > Sync Now and choose your iPhone from the ‘Devices’ menu.
  • A 4-digit code will appear on your iPhone, and enter this on your iPad to pair them (this will only happen once).
  • Tap the iPhone in the Devices window on your iPad again to start the syncing process.

General Tips for all Syncing

During a sync, the last action on each entry is kept on all devices, even if that action is to delete a flight. So, if a flight is edited on the computer, and 5 minutes later the matching entry on the phone is deleted, the sync will see that the delete was the last action taken and remove it from the computer as well.

Syncing should complete within a couple minutes, and if it goes longer then 5 minutes it's almost certainly not going to complete. (NOTE: If you have a lot of images transferring at once, then it could take longer.)

Some public networks block the ports that this process requires for security reasons. If you are syncing with your Mac, you can create a private Computer-To-Computer network as detailed below. This type of direct WiFi connection is not possible between the iPad and iPhone, and it is easiest to try a different network when available.

How to Create a Computer-To-Computer Network

If you are using a public WiFi network, and LogTen Pro on your Mac or iPad is unable to see your other device, it's possible they are blocking the ports that LogTen needs to sync. If this is the case, you can create a private network between your Mac and iPhone and see if this resolves the issue. To do this choose "Create Network" from the WiFi menu on your Mac (located in the menubar at the top right of your screen near the clock), then connect your iPhone to this network and try the sync again. To be on the safe side, it's best to quit both LogTen Pro Mac and iPhone before switching to your new network, then launch them again to ensure they're communicating on this new network.


If the sync starts but then seems to run forever, it's most likely being blocked by some sort of security like a firewall or third party app such as Net Barrier, or even some hotel networks. Go into the Security pane of System Preferences and click the "Firewall" tab and ensure that it is set to "Allow all incoming connections" or that you have added LogTen Pro to the allowed list.

Apple Wireless Base Station Settings

We recently became aware of a setting in Apple Wireless Base Stations called Wide Channel that can cause slowness in wireless syncing. If you hare having issues with a sync that appears to start, but not complete. Try configuring your wireless network to not use "Wide Channel".

If you continue to have any difficulty send us an email to support at coradine dot com and we'll be happy to assist you right away!