Troubleshooting iCloud Sync

Apple's iCloud service is usually reliable and effective, but occasionally problems are encountered. iCloud is an Apple service and the internals are unavailable to developers, so our ability to diagnose issues may be limited. Fortunately, most problems can be solved without much trouble.

Please take a look at the Common iCloud Sync Problems. If they don’t help solve your problem, move further down to Troubleshooting Data Syncing.

You may also want to read our FAQ about iCloud Sync for answers to common questions about iCloud Sync.

Finally, if you use firewall utilities (such as Little Snitch), or anti-virus software, please see our note for customers Using Firewall and Anti-Virus Software further down the page.

Common iCloud Sync Problems

“Please Enable iCloud” even though iCloud is turned on OS X 10.10 or later.

  • OS X Yosemite only uses the new iCloud Drive, so it must be enabled on all of your devices to sync using iCloud on your Mac. Unlike iOS 8, OS X 10.10 does not have the older-style iCloud compatibility. Please note that iCloud accounts upgraded to iCloud Drive will no longer sync to devices not yet using iCloud Drive, and this cannot be reversed.

“Confirm Your Subscription/Coradine Account”

  • Your app may need the subscription restored or you may need to be logged into your Coradine account. To learn how to create an account, please see this page: Creating a Coradine Account. To restore your purchase, you'll need to be logged into your Coradine account then go to Settings/Preferences >> Store and hit the "Restore Purchase" button.

For Mac users, the Coradine Account was added in version 7.4. If you have recently updated you will need to follow the steps in the link above

"Unable to Start iCloud Sync" after multiple attempts

  • If the message says "Please confirm your device has a reliable data connect and try again...." and you are running LogTen Pro 6 and have upgraded to OS X 10.10, iOS 8, or later, please see this page: LogTen Pro 6 & iCloud Drive
  • If the message says "An error occurred while validating your logbook with the existing data in iCloud..." there may be a small error in your logbook due to an incompletely removed entry. please Contact Support from the Help tab to have this issue corrected.

Stuck at "Merging with logbook in iCloud..."

  • Depending on your logbook size, this process usually takes just a couple minutes, but may be closer to 15 minutes if you are starting iCloud for multiple devices which have large logbooks. Even if you previously used WiFi Sync with them, the full sync is required to verify all entries.

"Ready for iCloud!" appeared, but the data from the logbook doesn't appear on my other devices.

  • Wait at least 15 minutes. The data added to iCloud needs to be uploaded to iCloud, then your other devices need to wait for iCloud to deliver the changes, and finally, process them.

Troubleshooting Data Syncing

Most iCloud Sync problems can usually be solved by the following steps, run through them in order until syncing continues as expected. After each step, give it a try, if it's working, no need to keep going!

Please also ensure you always have a backup of your data. See this page for our recommended Back Up Methods.

1. Wait 15 Minutes

iCloud is optimized to efficiently transfer data, and this can mean updating once an hour if the network connection is weak, or the battery is low. Syncing can be as quick as a few seconds on a strong internet connection, but a few minutes is very normal.

2. On an iPhone or iPad: Check the following settings in the iCloud section of the Settings app

  • Data cannot sync across multiple iCloud accounts. Check that all devices are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID.
  • Ensure that iCloud Drive is ON.
  • Select iCloud Drive, find the option for LogTen Pro, and turn it ON.
    • Enable Use Cellular Data if you wish to allow syncing on a cellular network.

3. On a Mac: Check the following iCloud settings in System Preferences >> iCloud

  • Data cannot sync across multiple iCloud accounts. Check that all devices are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID.
  • Ensure that iCloud Drive is enabled.
  • Click Options next to iCloud Drive, and ensure that LogTen Pro is selected.

4. On a Mac or iOS try a hard reset of the device

A hard reset will restart system process which can fix iCloud Sync issues.

  • On Mac, go to the Apple menu and select Restart.
  • On an iPhone or iPad, hold down both the Power and the Home button until the device turns off and the Apple screen appears, and the device will restart.

5. Make sure you are running the latest version of iOS on your iPhone or iPad, and OS X on your Mac

System updates often contain fixes and improvements for iCloud issues. For details and directions see Updating iOS & Updating OS X

6. Add an Empty Flight to each app

Occasionally iCloud encounters a problem uploading a file, preventing the other apps from processing further changes from a device. The process of creating a new entry will ensure that database is saved, and the changes will prompt iCloud to re-attempt the failed upload.

7. Check Apple Services Status for any iCloud outages

If there are any iCloud problems reported, try again later.

Restart iCloud Sync in LogTen Pro

You may find it useful to restart iCloud Sync with the a single chosen logbook file from one device on all of your other devices. The logbook files on your other devices will be overwritten in this process, so before you begin, please make sure you have a current backup of your logbook from each device before proceeding. You should only complete this process if you are certain that one of your devices has your complete and up to date logbook.

  1. Open LogTen Pro on the device that has your complete and up to date logbook which you want to sync with your other devices.
  2. Go to Settings/Preferences >> Sync, and change Sync Using to WiFi, then confirm the logbook data for the device will be removed from iCloud.
  3. Change Sync Using back to iCloud, and when prompted, choose to Restart iCloud Sync.
  4. Open LogTen Pro on one of your other devices. As soon as the changes sync through iCloud, the app will be automatically notified of this restart, and ask how you want to continue. Choose Replace from iCloud to replace the data on that device with the new iCloud data. The logbook will be downloaded and installed to this device, and start syncing changes through iCloud.
  5. Repeat step 4 on your other devices.

Using Firewalls or Anti-Virus Software

If you use a firewall utility or anti-virus software on your Mac on your Mac, please ensure that the “UBD” process is able to access any requested addresses. UBD is the system service that handles the movement of iCloud data and blocking it will prevent iCloud Sync from working properly in LogTen Pro and potentially all other apps that use iCloud.

Utilities may try and block the following from being accessed, but we strongly advise you to allow UBD to access whichever services it requires, as Apple may add new capabilities (or use new addresses) for iCloud in the future:

  • Allow any connection to domain
  • Allow any connection to domain
  • Allow port 80 and 443 for UBD
  • Allow port 80 for domain

Any app that uses iCloud relies on iOS and OS X to sync your data between your devices and iCloud itself. If OS X or iOS encounters any problems while syncing then it may prevent changes being synced between your devices.