What Should I Backup?

Great question! It is always good to consider keeping all of your important digital information safe!

There are a few different options for backing up your logbook data on your Mac and iOS devices. We highly recommend using a combination of these to ensure your data is safe. Especially take care to backup your mobile devices since there is a much higher risk of devices being damaged, lost, or stolen.

Continue reading for our recommended methods of backing up on Mac, and backing up on iOS Devices. Please also note that logbook Reports and iCloud Sync should not be relied upon for backup solutions. For details, see Not Suitable Backups further down the page.

iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

NEW!! Backup and Restore inside LogTen Pro X! Watch the 2 minute video!

You can even share backups - tap 'More', then 'Settings', then 'Backup'. Then swipe to the right on the backup you want to share and tap 'Export'. Watch the 2 minute video!

Update 7.1 now allows instant backups that are stored in iCloud, and can be restored anytime. This feature is separate from iCloud sync, and can be used independently of your sync setting.

To access this feature, open LogTen Pro X, tap on the More tab, select Settings, then tap on Backup. This screen displays a list of the backups saved in iCloud, each showing a summary of the backup and logbook content.

You can create a new backup by tapping on the "+" button in the upper right-hand corner, and within moments, your complete logbook will be copied, zipped, and start uploading to iCloud.


If you wish to delete a backup, swipe to the left on one of the backup entries, and a Delete button will appear.

To restore from a backup, tap the downward cloud button to the right of the backup details, and you'll be asked to confirm the restore. Before the restore begins, a new backup of the current logbook will be created automatically. After the backup has finished, the restore will begin, and a few seconds later you will be alerted when it is complete!

Backup your iOS device to iCloud

iOS 5+ includes an automatic iCloud backup system, utilizing the free 5 GB iCloud storage included with your Apple ID. This page has details on setting it up: iCloud Backup.

When the iCloud backup is turned on, then all app data including your LogTen Pro logbook will be backed up to iCloud whenever your device is plugged in, connected to WiFi, and asleep -- usually when you are!

All apps are included in this backup by default, but it is possible to exclude apps from it to save space. The downside of this backup is that it is not possible to restore data for individual apps (meaning you have to restore your whole device from an iCloud backup), but it is very useful if it becomes necessary to transfer to a new device for any reason.


Unless the device is being backed up to iCloud, iTunes will automatically create a backup of your device's data each time you sync with iTunes on your computer.

You can also manually make a backup of your iOS device in iTunes. Please see this Apple article on How To Backup through iTunes

If necessary, your device can be restored from one of these backups. Additionally, there is a free app for Windows and Mac that can recover data from iTunes backups. For details, see this article on Logbook Recovery from an iTunes Backup

Note: iTunes only keeps the most recent automatic backup of your device, so please do not sync with iTunes if you are concerned about the logbook data on your device.


You can send a copy of your entire logbook database out of LogTen Pro X via email to yourself or anyone you like.

Just press: More -> Settings -> Backup

Then press the + sign to create a new backup. Then swipe your finger lightly across the new backup and this will take you to an export window where you can then email yourself the new backup file your just made.

From there you can save the backup file anywhere you would like to, and later if you need it restored just send it into a us and we will send it back to you in an installation email.


LogTen Pro 6 users

You can email a copy of your entire logbook database out of LogTen Pro 6 via email.

  1. Go to the More tab, then select the Help screen.

  2. Turn on the Attach Logbook option (and Include images if you wish), and then select Email Support.

    Note: It may not be possible to include images due to email size constraints if your logbook contains a significant number of images.

  3. This will create a new email message with a copy of your logbook file attached. By default, the email will be sent to our support team, but please replace the To field with your own email address if you wish to send a backup to yourself.

  4. Hit Send and you will receive an message with a copy of your LogTen Pro data file (a LogTenCoreDataStore.gz or LogTenProData.zip file) in your inbox. If anything happens to your device, we can help you restore this file to your new device.

Note: Please be sure to enter your own email address in this message. Our support system is unable to store your data long term.

If you need to restore your data from the emailed backup, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team with a copy of your backed up data!

Extracting from an iOS Device

There is a free utility that will allow you to extract files directly from the iOS device (or an iTunes Backup of the device). See here for details: Mac Extraction or PC Extraction

LogTen Pro 6 users: LogTen Pro 6 data can only be reliably extracted via a backup in iTunes from a Mac or PC. iCloud retrieval is rare for LogTen Pro 6, but worth trying if it's the only option available.

Note: Please use an existing backup whenever possible. Creating a new backup may overwrite your previous information and if you've recently lost data, the new backup will override your previously saved backup data.

Mac and OS X

Time Machine

We highly recommend backing up your entire Mac using Time Machine. It is built into your Mac, and it's an amazing backup system that backs up all of your files on a regular basis, and completely in the background so you never have to give it another thought. This page will help you get setup: Mac 101: Time Machine


LogTen Pro uses an integrated database similar to Apple’s iPhoto, or iTunes. The application is only allowed to work in its own "sandbox" on your computer, but you can manually access the logbook database if you would like to manually make a copy your data.

  1. Open Finder, select the Go menu at the top of the screen, then select the Go to Folder... menu item.
  2. For LogTen Pro 6, copy in the following:
  3. Or for LogTen Pro X, copy in the following:
  4. A new Finder window will open with the contents of this directory.
  5. You will see a LogTenProData folder. This directory contains your logbook database, and any images saved to your logbook.
  6. Copy this folder, and move it to where you would like to store your backup.

    Note: Please be careful and do not unintentionally move this folder.

Cloud Storage

Many users also automatically backup their logbook data to a cloud storage service. This page will show you how to setup LogTen Pro with Dropbox, and other Cloud storage options.

Spreadsheet Export

It is also possible to export a copy of your flight entries as a standard CSV spreadsheet format. Go to the Reports tab, then select Exporters, and generate the Export Flights (Tab) report. You can save or email the resulting txt file to yourself for safe keeping.

Please note: this file will contain your primary logbook information, and your logbook can be rebuilt from it, this is only an export, and not a full backup of the LogTen Pro database. Information such as crew names and tail numbers will be included with the exported flights, but any additionally details entered on your People or Aircraft entries will not be included. See the additional export reports for complete exports of these other entries. Signatures and other images are not included either.

Not Suitable Backups

iCloud Sync in LogTen Pro

While LogTen Pro's iCloud Sync stores a copy of your logbook data in iCloud to transfer between devices, please do not consider iCloud Sync an effective backup solution. Changes are sent to iCloud immediately, so in the case of an accidental deletion or unwanted change, it is not possible to prevent that change from syncing.

LogTen Pro's Generated Reports

LogTen Pro's Reports are great for printing out a hard copy of your most important logbook information, but they are not a good backup of your digital data. The reports are print-ready formats, so there is not a way to import them back into LogTen Pro, except by re-entering the data by hand.