WiFi Sync Guide on LogTen Pro for iOS

This article describes how to WiFi sync LogTen Pro from the iPad with the iPhone. You can also watch the video!. Check out our FAQ about iCloud if you would prefer to sync through iCloud.

If you do choose to sync via Wi-Fi, you can sync your iPad and iPhone by initiating the sync process from your iPad. At the bottom of the screen on your iPad, select the More>>Settings>>Sync tab. Make sure the Wi-Fi syncing option is selected.

Note: It is possible to sync between two iPads as well.


Do this for the iPhone as well.


Ensure that you have LogTen Pro open on your iPhone as well and that both devices are on the same local area network. Once "Sync Now" is pressed a window should open showing your information about your iPhone:


Tap on the (i) > button and details about the device will be shown.


Select "Pair" and a window will appear on your iPhone with a Passcode allowing you to pair your two devices.


Enter that code on your iPad and you can then start the syncing process.




If you encounter any problems with the iPhone not showing when first pressing the sync button please try this troubleshooting guide

Please also keep in mind that when you use WIFI Sync between two devices and select the Replace option there is always one master device and one subservient device. The data from the master device will always replace the data from the subservient device. Conversely, if you choose the Merge option the data from both devices is merged into one.

When you sync and select the Replace option between an iPad and iPhone the iPad will always be the master device and the iPhone will always be the subservient device.

When you sync and select the Replace option between an IOS device and a Mac computer the Mac is always the master device and the iOS device is always the subservient device.