How To Customize Default Roles with iOS

LogTen Pro was designed with the needs of all aviators in mind. Because of individual needs of each pilot, LogTen Pro offers typical roles as well as the option to customize what data you logbook displays. Here's how to set them up:

    LogTen Pro iOS - Typical Role
    LogTen Pro iOS - Custom Role

For OS X users, follow this Step-By-Step Guide.

Before creating a custom role, it's recommended to choose a typical role first. Typical roles display the fields most often used by pilots within any given role, such as Student, GA Pilot, Instructor, Military and Captain to name a few.

How to choose a typical role with iOS:

1) Hit the [MORE] button

2) In the list above, choose [SETTINGS] - Sometimes it's necessary to hit [MORE] twice to see menu list.


3) Choose [My Logbook]

4) You will see [Typical Role] on the right. Next to that is the role that is currently being used. Select that role

5) A window will pop up. Select the role that best fits your needs


When selecting a default role, specific data will auto populate based on your Total times or Out/In times. It's recommended that you verify what data is being auto populated to confirm it's correct for your needs. Here's an article to help Understand Auto Fill Times for iOS.

Customizing on iOS:

1) Choose [Logbook]>

2) Hit the [Edit] button


3) You'll see [Configure Section] pop up under each of the categories. Select [Configure Section] below the category you want to customize.

4) A window will pop up. Scroll through this window and turn on/off the choices you want displayed/hidden.

5) Once you're finished customizing your role, hit [DONE]. That's it!