How to print your logbook from your iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod)

iOS has the ability to create full-sized PDFs.

  • Simply generate any logbook report on your device, and then email it to yourself.
  • You will receive an email containing the PDF of your report.
  • Access this on any browser, and print or save the logbook.


LogTen Pro contains over 60 standard logbook formats from around the globe, as well as a variety of summaries, graphs, and other reports on your logbook. We recommend exploring the different logbook formats in the Reports tab, and generating some of the different options so you know what's available!

Select any report you want, and tap the Generate button!



After generating your report, you can browse through it on the device. If you want to save the report and access it off of your device, you will notice a button in the upper right hand corner labeled "Email As PDF".


Press the "Email As PDF" button, enter your email address and press "Email."


Your report will be sent to your email address and an alert will be generated when it has been successfully sent. You will need to have internet access to be able to send this report.



Within minutes you will receive an email from the email address used by your iOS device's Mail app with the actual PDF.


Once you click the PDF, your report will open directly on your default browser.


Open your PDF from Adobe Reader or Preview and print it out from the File menu.


Happy logging (and printing)!