Save Time With Auto-Fill Times on LogTen Pro X for iOS

Enter your Total Time, and let LogTen Pro do the rest...

In most cases pilots need to enter the same value into several time fields. Most airline pilots, for example, will be entering either PIC or SIC on every flight. Why should they have to type it in every time they enter a flight? They don't have to, using LogTen Pro.

Edit Auto-Fill Times

To edit Auto-Fill Times in the iOS app, go to More > Settings > Time Calculations > Auto-Fill Times. Turn ON the fields you would like to be auto-filled from Total Time. The selected times will Auto-Fill even if they are not configured to display in your logbook. So if you have IFR selected ON in your Auto-Fill settings, even if that field is not configured to display in your logbook it will still populate time in the background.

Note: you can always override the value manually if you want it to be different from the Total Time.


Now whenever the Total Time value is entered or changed, the Auto-Fill time fields that are turned ON will be updated as well. When you make that first solo, or get that sweet airline job you've worked so hard for, just go back and edit the Auto-Fill settings as needed.