Batch Editing entries on LogTen Pro X for Mac

When you need to edit multiple flight entries on the Mac you can batch edit using a shift select and the right column flight details section.

You'll want to organize your flights in an order that will allow you to easily select the flights you would like to edit. As an example, you can sort your flights by Type if you need to edit a field based on the Type of aircraft you were flying.


Next, select the flights you wish to edit using a shift-select (select the first flight you would like to edit, scroll down/up to find the last flight you would like to edit, hold down the shift key and select the last flight). If you'd like to select a non-continuous section of flights you can hold command and click on individual flights or click and drag over a section as well.


On the right hand column make your changes and all the selected flights will change.


All your flights will be updated with the entered changes. In this example the simulator times were inadvertently entered and as you can see all simulator time was deleted with a batch edit.


Also see how to batch edit using the Auto-Enter feature of LogTen Pro: