Moving Custom Reports from LogTen Pro 5 to LogTen Pro 6

If you recently upgraded to LogTen Pro 6 and you had custom reports, you're probably wondering where they are! LogTen Pro 6 follows Apple's new requirements to be sandboxed, much like the apps on iOS. This means LogTen Pro 6 cannot read any files on your computer outside our little "sandbox", so unfortunately we cannot copy your preferences or custom reports from version 5 for you.

To move your custom reports from LogTen Pro 5, navigate to your version 5 custom reports directory which is located in your home directory at ~/Library/Application Support/LogTen Pro/My Report Templates/

Note that in Mac OS X Lion your Library folder is hidden. You can get there by going to the Go menu in the Finder and holding down the option key.

Open LogTen Pro 6, and go to the Help menu and choose "Show custom reports folder...". This will open the LogTen Pro 6 custom reports folder in the Finder. Now just copy your reports to the new location.

Test your reports in version 6, there are some new keys and a few changes, but most reports should not need modification.