Saving Time: Aircraft Type vs. Ident

Many paper logbooks have you enter the “Type” first, however in LogTen Pro it’s much better to enter the Aircraft ID first because in LogTen Pro an aircraft can be linked to one and only one Aircraft ID, whereas an Aircraft Type can have many different individual aircraft.

By entering the Aircraft ID first you’re much more efficient because there’s no need to enter the type, whereas if you enter the type first then you still have to enter the id… So we highly recommend you arrange your columns (LogTen Pro for Mac) and fields (LogTen Pro for iOS) so that the Aircraft ID comes BEFORE the Aircraft Type and you always enter the Aircraft ID first.

NEW! And now with LogTen Pro X you can share Aircraft direct from your iOS device by tapping 'More', 'Aircraft', then choose the aircraft you want to share, then tap the blue 'Actions' button on the top right and choose 'Share' (via airdrop, text message or email!). Check out the video tutorial - *Note: On iOS, you can share one aircraft at a time

On the Mac, click on the 'Aircraft' tab, highlight the Aircraft you want to share, then on the 'Logbook' menu and choose 'Share Selected Entries'. Or right click on the highlighted aircraft you want to share and choose 'Share Selected Entries'.