Share Everything

With LogTen Pro, You Can Share Everything!

Now you can share not only flights, but also aircraft, people, groups, endorsements and more.

Cut Your Workload in Half
On multi-pilot flights only one pilot needs to log the flight and can then share it with the other(s) using LogTen Pro X. You can also share types, specific aircraft, places, people and smart groups you've created to track your duty/limits etc. Sharing info with LogTen Pro X is never more than a couple of taps away!

Remote Signatures
Instructors can log the flight or endorsement in their own logbook, sign it, and send it to the student, LogTen Pro will automatically adjust the time from Dual Given to Dual Received! And for students, of you forget to have your instructor sign off on something, you can send it to them from your logbook, they can sign it and send it back locked for security!

You can share via any means you like, such as a text message, email, social media, you name it!

Watch this video to see how it's done!