Using a Person's ID Rather Than Their Name

NEW! Now with LogTen Pro X you can share people direct from your iOS device by tapping 'More', 'People', then choose the person you want to share, then tap the blue 'Actions' button on the top right and choose 'Share' (via airdrop, text message or email!). Check out the video tutorial

On the Mac, click on the 'People' tab, then on the 'Logbook' menu and choose 'Share Selected Entries'. Or right click on the highlighted person/people you want to share and choose 'Share Selected Entries'.

Starting in LogTen Pro 4.4.3, there’s a preference (choose “Preferences” from the LogTen Pro for Mac menu and More > Settings > Display Options on LogTen Pro X for iOS) that allows you to specify whether you prefer to display people using their name or their ID. This works in the same way as setting a preferred display type for Aircraft and Airports. You can always enter and find the person in the field using either one! So when you want to enter someone, simply type their name OR their ID in the name field and it will autocomplete the entry for you. In preferences you can change it to always show the one you prefer and that’s what you’ll see, both in the table/field and in reports.

Also note the new handy button to swap the PIC and SIC. This is especially useful if you often fly with the same person but switch rolls. You can set defaults so you’re always added as the PIC or SIC, then just use the button to switch as needed.